Major Milestones
1976 Pacific Bookstores was established, serving 29 schools in Singapore.
2002 The company was the first to offer online purchasing of school textbooks on its website. The network of schools grew to 66.
2006 Pacific Bookstores was invited to be a working partner of The National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) in their annual “Back to School” Fair and is currently still supporting the event.
  Times The Bookshop Pte Ltd acquires stake in Pacific Bookstores.
2007 Awarded the “Singapore SME 500” Award for being one of the top 500 performing companies in Singapore.
2008 Awarded the “Singapore SME 500” Award for the second year running. The network of schools increased to more than 100.
2011 Pacific Bookstores introduced the usage of computer systems to automate its inventory management, ordering systems and other core processes. Computerization brought about great improvements in efficiency and allowed company processes to be more systematic.
2012 Pacific Bookstores partnered with Capelle Consulting to build a customer centric culture based on the D.R.I.V.E roadmap designed by Capelle Consulting. The project was supported by Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and SPRING Singapore.
2013 Awarded the “Singapore SME 1000” Award for being one of the top 1000 performing companies in Singapore.
  Awarded 2013 Service Excellence WSQ Recognition Award for consistency of training staff in the Service Excellence Workforce Skills Qualifications (SV WSQ) programmes.
  Recognized by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) as the top twenty companies adopting Service Excellence WSQ framework.
  The company revamped their E-Commerce (Online purchase) so as to enhance the online purchasing experience of their end customers.
2014 Pacific Bookstores sent 98% of their workforce to attend Customer Centric Course in June 2014. The company adopted ‘Continuous Training’ as a company-wide culture for long-term and continuous improvement initiative.
  Set up an E-Commerce department to fine tune processes and customer service flow for online purchases.
2015 Partnered with POSB/Singpost to take part in the National School Savings Campaign 2015.
  Started to promote a cashless environment via the usage of EZ Link/Debit & Credit Cards at selected schools..
  Launched new E-Commerce website (Pacific eShop)
  First Bookseller in Singapore to be awarded the S-Class Certification for achieving Business Excellence Niche Standard (Service)
2016 Started promoting FSC certified items.
  Co-organized yearly back to school fair with NTUC U-Care for lower income families.
  Piloting queue systems for bookshop operators.
2017 Pacific Bookstores embarked on its first Charity Day with Sarah Seniors Activity Centre and provided ration packs for 250 families.
  Embarked on POS system trial for school bookshops.
2018 Pilot Run for FAS distribution system via electric mode
  Introducing IT Products to our product range
  Offering online ordering of school uniforms*