Home Delivery FAQ

Click here to read the step by step guide for Home Delivery mode at www.pacificbookstores.com

The following are some clarifications to the concerns that you may have and questions that we have been asked. Here are some answers to the more important ones, if you do not find an answer to your questions here, do email us at sales@pacificbookstores.com for assistance.


How many days does it take for my order to be delivered?

Home deliveries can be scheduled from a minimum of 5 working days (excluding Sat/Sun/PH) after the date of order. Kindly note that orders logged on Sundays will be processed as Monday's orders.


Why am I unable to choose the Home-Delivery date I want?

For optimization and better management of all delivery services from all our managed school orders, we have arranged the delivery schedules based on the records of each individual schools' past year online orders.

Availability of dates for Home-Delivery orders varies from schools to schools. You may check for the available delivery dates before deciding to proceed.


Why am I unable to choose the Delivery Timing Slots I want?

Delivery Timing Slots are made available on a ‘’first come, first served’’ basis.

To ensure that all our online orders reach our customers as scheduled, a maximum of 150 orders per time slot have been allocated. Once slots are filled, only other available slots can be chosen.


Delivery Schedule and Timings

Separate delivery schedule and delivery partners have been pre-arranged for each of our affiliated schools' booklists to ensure smooth and timely delivery for all schools.You may check for your order’s designated courier company in the email sent to you upon placing an order.

For the order made based on an affiliated school's booklist, you may only choose the delivery date within the delivery schedule pre-arranged for that affiliated school's booklist.

For example, if the order is made based on Anderson Primary School's booklist, the delivery dates available for that order may differ from an order made based on Marsilling Primary School's booklist.

Delivery Timeslots under Airpak Express Pte Ltd:  
Delivery Timeslots under
Airpak Express Pte Ltd:
9.00am - 2.00pm 2.00pm - 6.00pm
Delivery Timeslots under Everluck Transport Services  
Delivery Timeslots under Everluck: 9.00am - 1.00pm 1.00pm - 5.00pm
  5.00pm - 9.00pm  


What are the Home delivery charges?

Home delivery is charged at $11.80 per order, per location.


What modes of payment are accepted for Home Delivery Orders?

All major Credit and Debit cards (With VISA or MASTERCARD only) are accepted for online payments.


What happens to my orders if there is no one home to receive my orders?

Home delivery orders will be delivered by our outsourced service providers: Airpak Express Pte Ltd and EVERLUCK TRANSPORT SERVICES

Airpak Express
In the event that there is nobody to receive the delivery, parcel will be brought back to warehouse. Customer service officers of Airpak Express will call up customers to reschedule delivery to the original address as stated in the consignment note.

If rescheduled delivery is still not successful, customer will be required to collect their parcel at Airpak Express Pte Ltd.

You may call Airpak Express hotline at 6743 9200 if you have any enquiries regarding your delivery

In case of an unsuccessful delivery, the courier company will contact you to rearrange the delivery at a later timing.

You may contact the courier company at 93631108 (Main Customer Service Team: Ms Ng) or 90998008 (Mark) if you have any enquiries regarding your delivery.


Will I be able to combine my orders, and what are the delivery charges?

You may combine a maximum of two orders, to same delivery address; delivery charge of $11.80 may apply.

Example of Combine Orders and the delivery charges:

Nos. of orders per same location Delivery Charges Total Delivery Charges
1St Order $11.80 $11.80
2nd Orders Combined for same school only. $11.80 $11.80


Will I be able to combine orders from different schools?

Unfortunately, No. As your order will be packed and delivered from the schools' bookshop you ordered from. Our delivery service providers will pick up your order/s directly at these schools.

If you need to make an order from another school, you will need to place/create them as a new order.


How do I track my order and package?

After an order has been placed and payment successfully made, you may view your Recent Orders. To see the history, login to your account and click on the “My Account > View Order” Tab. A list of your previous orders will be displayed with the following information:

Please track the delivery status one day before of the delivery date (You may check who your courier is from the order confirmation email is sent.)

Airpak Express
1) You can track your parcel in Airpak Express Pte Ltd website at https://www.airpak-express.com/

2) Enter the Order Number (PBSXXXXXXXX) at the page and click Track; the order’s status will be displayed.

You may call Airpak Express hotline at 6743 9200 if you have any enquiries regarding your delivery.

1) Kindly quote your order number (PBSXXXXXX) to the Customer Service Officer to check on the status of your parcel. Everluck Transport Services Main Customer Service Team can be reached at 93631108 (Ms Ng) or 90998008 (Mark).